Our Team

The MIA team is experienced in a variety of fields and industries.

Joanna Walters started her career in Human Resources 15 years ago. In 2016 she founded myHRhelp, a bilingual HR consulting business, and MyInsuranceAdvisers to help individuals and businesses get the utmost services and best coverages that meets their specific needs. As a licensed insurance agent, she is proud to have founded two companies that complement one another and that allow her to do what she loves the most, help people. Joanna is a big believer in putting oneself first and enjoying life to the fullest. She relishes spending time with her small circle of friends and traveling to Panama every year to visit her parents and sister.

Vice President
Aaron Keys is Founder and CEO of Aaron Keys and Associates, Inc., a full-service accounting firm and third party administration practice. Aaron started his company with clients in mind, and with the purpose of sustaining an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and communication. He specializes in providing financial analysis, tax reporting and business advising and consulting; third party administration of retirement plans; and insurance. A licensed insurance agent, Aaron believes in relentless dedication to service. He spends his free time playing golf.